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Official Regular Season Game Schedules can be found at Darlington Soccer Club

FUN Day Team Photos @ Hydro Lower Fields

Time      Team Sponsor 

8:00       U6 - C1 Red Tim's 

8:10        U6 - C2 Light Blue Tim's 

8:20       U6 - C3 Dark Blue Tim's

8:30       U6 - C4 Orange Tim's 

8:40       U6 - C5 Yellow Tim's

8:50       U6 - C6 Green Tim's

9:00      U5 - C1 Red Tim's

9:10       U5 - C2 Light Blue Tim's

9:20      U5 - C3 Dark Blue Tim's

9:30      U10G - C5 Yellow McDonalds

9:40      U10G - C1 Red The Granite Guy 

9:50      U5 - C4 Orange Tim's

10:00    U10G - C2 Pink Cindy and Craig

10:10    U10G - C3 Teal PKS Dance Elite

10:20    U10G - C4 Purple Courtyard Rest

10:30    U10 - C1 Red Jon Humphrey

10:40    U10 - C2 Yellow Lions Club

10:50    U10 - C3 Dark Blue Detox Environmental

11:00   U10 - C4 Orange Cindy and Craig

11:10   U12G - C1 Red DQ

11:20   U12G - C2 Pink Cindy Ricketts

11:30   U12G - C3 Teal Queen's Flooring

11:40   U12G - C4 Purple Roy Nichols

12:10   U8 - C1 Red Lunch Lady

12:20   U8 - C2 White Liverpool Supporters

12:30   U8 - C3 Orange Cindy Ricketts

12:40   U8 - C4 Yellow The Granite Guy

12:50   U8G - C1 Red Cindy and Craig

1:00   U12 -C1 Black Welcome Feeds

1:10    U7 - C1 Red Dairy Queen

1:20    U7 - C2 Black Goodfellas Pizza

1:30    U7 - C3 Dark Blue Roy Nichols

1:40    U7 - C4 Orange L & M Taylor

2:00   U8G- C2 Pink Oxford Learning

2:10   U8G - C3 Teal PKS Dance Elite

2:20   U12 - C2 Dark Blue Rickwood Limited

2:30   U12 - C3 Yellow No Frills (Joe and Barb)

FUN Day Games @ Hydro Lower Fields

Time        Teams                               Field

8:00am     U5 C1 vs C2                       U5/U6 A

                 U5 C3 vs C4                      U5/U6 B

                 U10G C2 vs C5                   Mini A

                 U10G C3 vs C4                   Mini B

                 U10 C1 vs C2                      Pond

                 U12G C1 vs C2                    Full A

                 U12G C3 vs C4                   Full B

9:00am     U6 C1 vs C2                       U5/U6 A

                 U6 C3 vs C4                      U5/U6 B     

                 U8G C1 vs C2                     Mini A

                 U8 C1 vs C2                       Mini B  

                 U10 C3 vs C4                     Pond  

                 U12 C1 vs C2                      Full A  

                 U14G C1 vs C2                    Full B

10:00am   U6 C5 vs C6                       U5/U6 A 

                 U5 C1 vs C3                       U5/U6 B     

                 U7 C1 vs C2                       Mini A 

                 U8 C3 vs C4                      Mini B  

                 U10G C5 vs C1                   Pond  

                 U12 C1 vs C4                     Full A  

                 U14G C3 vs C2                  Full B

11:00am   U5 C2 vs C4                       U5/U6 A 

                 U6 C1 vs C4                      U5/U6 B     

                 U8G C1 vs C3                    Mini A 

                 U7 C3 vs C4                      Mini B  

                 U10G C2 vs C3                  Pond     

                 U14G C1 vs C3                   Full A  

                 U12 C1 vs C3                     Full B

12:00pm   U6 C2 vs C5                       U5/U6 A 

                 U6 C3 vs C6                      U5/U6 B     

                 U10 C1 vs C4                     Mini A 

                 U10 C2 vs C3                     Mini B  

                 U10G C4 vs C1                   Pond     

                 U14 C1 vs C2                     Full A       


1:00pm     U8 C2 vs C4                     Mini A     

                 U8G C2 vs C3                  Mini B  

                 U8 C1 vs C3                     Pond     

                 U14G C2 vs C3                 Full A 

                 U12 C2 vs C3                   Full B 

2:00pm     U7 C1 vs C3                     Mini A     

                 U7 C1 vs C4                     Mini B  

U14 - U21 Team Photos @ Highland Gardens

Monday June 27th

Time      Team - Sponsor - Coach 

5:30       U19 Remax Jazz - Howard Bayne 

5:40       U19 Queens Flooring - Kim Broll 

5:50       U21 Rickwood - Rob Devlin

6:00       U21 Janitis Photography - Anthony Samuel 

6:10        U16 Shoeless Joes - Nancy VanAlabeek

6:20       U16G Finley Roofing - Heidi Stephenon

6:30       U16G Master Mechanci - Sean Sproule

6:30 - 7:00  Open       

U14 - U21 Team Photos @ Highland Gardens

Monday July 4th

Time      Team - Sponsor - Coach 

5:30       U14 Shoppers Drug Mart - Max Travis 

5:40       U14 Queens Flooring - Mike Hamilton 

5:50       U14G Liverpool Supporters - Vickie Byslma

6:00       U14G Cindy Ricketts - Rob Simpson

6:10        U14G Detox Environmental - Jason McClean

6:20 - 6:45 Open   

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