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Field Directions

Official Field Maps & Locations can be found at Darlington Soccer Club

Please note that our permit for school fields indicate that no smoking be allowed on school property. Please honour this request, as it can affect our permitting of school fields. We also ask that all teams pick up all garbage after their games: water bottles, popsicle wrappers/sticks, freezie wrappers and so on. We had numerous complaints from schools and residents about the debris left after games this past year. Please keep our fields clean.

Google Map of all the fields

Barley Mill - East Bowmanville, Hwy#2 going east, turn left on Mearns, take the first right, and the first right again is Barley Mill Cres. Field is down on the right hand side, at parkette. Parking is on the street. Please do not block driveways, as you will be ticketed. There is only parking on one side of the street.

Baseline Park - Bowmanville, west of Durham 57, beside the Baseline Community Centre, north side of Baseline, across from the RCMP building and dance studio. (was a baseball diamond, now converted to a soccer field)

Baxter Park - Located at the corner of Baxter St and Bagnell Ct. Take West Side Dr north of Baseline Rd. Turn left on Higgin St to Baxter St.

Bowmanville High School - CLOSED - off of Liberty St, North of Hwy #2(King St), beside the Fitness Centre.

Burketon - North on Old Scugog Rd, past 10th Concession

Clarington Mini S1, N1, S2 & N2 - located at 2375 Baseline Rd. W, Bowmanville, directly in front of the Bowmanville Indoor Soccer Facility.

Clarington Central Secondary School - Bowmanville, Hwy #2 to Clarington Place (movie theatre street). North on Clarington Place, field is behind the school, parking to the right of the school.

Clarke High School/Pines Public School (they are side by side) - Newcastle, off of Hwy#35/115, right hand side, school's driveway is just before the Harvey's.

Courtice Community Centre - Courtice Rd, north of Hwy #2, left hand side, behind the Community Centre

Courtice Secondary School - Courtice Rd and Nash Rd.

Courtice Memorial - East side of Courtice Rd, North of Bloor

Darul Uloom - CLOSED - full and mini N/S - formerly Great Lakes Fields, Bowmanville. Corner of Concession St. and Lambs Road. North on Liberty St to Concession, turn right on Concession, go east to Lambs Rd, take a left. IMPORTANT: THESE FIELDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR PRACTICES. THEY ARE CLOSED ON WEEKENDS.

Darlington Arena - Hampton, north side of Taunton Rd., east of Holt Rd.

Elliot Park - Hampton, north on Old Scugog Rd,past Taunton Rd, take a left on Mill Stream Lane (church on corner), and the field is on the right, behind a parkette.

Green Park - Bowmanville, Hwy #2, Green Rd. south, to Padfield Dr. Park on the Parkfield or at the end of Green Rd.

Highland Gardens (Highland Park) - Courtice, Hwy #2, to Trulls Rd, turn right, go to Nash Rd., take a left, carry on to George Reynolds Dr, turn right, the field is up on the left hand side

Hydro Fields Lower- south of 401, South Service Rd., between Holt and Courtice Rd, off of Solina Rd.

Hydro Fields Upper - south of 401, South Service Rd., between Holt and Courtice Rd. Take Park Rd, and take second driveway on the right, there is a sign, and carry up the hill. There are fields up at the top. (These include Upper Hydro Full, Upper Hydro N, Upper Hydro SE, Upper Hydro SW, Upper NW 1, and Upper NW2) FIELD LAYOUT

John James mini - Bowmanville, Hwy 2 east, turn left on Mearns St, just before Bowmanville Zoo, go north on Mearns past Concession St. Field adjacent to John James School.

Newcastle Public School - take 401 to Mill St, Newcastle exit. Go north on Mill to Robert Street. Turn right on Robert.

Orono Fairgrounds - take Hwy 35/115 and take Main St, Orono exit.Turn right and carry on towards downtown Orono. You will be taking a right at Centreview St, go to the end of the road. The mini fields are to your right in the middle of the track.

Orono N and S - same directions as Orono Fairgrounds, except when you go to the end of Centreview turn left and the soccer fields are back behind the school.

Pearce Farms - Newcastle, Shipway Ave. Take Mill St exit off of the 401, go south on Mill St, turn right on to Port of Newcastle Dr. Go past Caldwell Cres., Carveth Cres and Beacham Cres (all on your left) The next right is Shipway Ave. Pearce Farms Park is located on Shipway.

Penfound Park - Courtice, Hwy 2, turn south on Prestonvale, turn right on Glenabbey Dr. Field is behind Mother Teresa School.

Ross Tilley PS - Bowmanville, Baseline Rd, West of Durham 57. Turn N on West Side Dr. School is on your right. (Note: There is construction on Baseline Rd. which will prevent coming west on Baseline Rd from Holt Rd intersection. Either take Hwy 2 and come south on 57 or take the 401 west (or south service rd) and exit at Waverley.)

Roswell Park - Courtice, Take Prestonvale Rd to South Field Ave. (right across from the South Courtice Arena). Go west on South Field Ave, one block, to Roswell, turn south on Roswell and the park is right there.

Solina - take Solina Rd N, take a left and field is behind the Solina Community Centre.

South Courtice Arena - corner of Presontvale Rd and Bloor St, Courtice.

The Pines, mini and full field, behind The Pines Public School(beside Clarke High School) - Newcastle, off of Hwy#35/115, right hand side, school's driveway is just before the Harvey's.

Tyrone Park - Go North on Liberty St., go past Taunton Rd, as you enter Tyrone, you will see a sign on your left saying Tyrone Park.(between houses) This is a driveway, which takes you to a parking lot and Tyrone clubhouse. The fields are behind.

Walbridge - Newcastle, 401 to Mill St exit, Mill St to Edward, east on Edward to Glass Court, south on Glass Court.

Waverley - Bowmanville, take Waverley Rd, off of Reg #57, between Hwy #2 and Baseline. The fields are to your right, just past the school. Please make sure you pick up any garbage your team may generate, and please make sure that your players do not kick the balls against the residents fences. There have been numerous complaints about these issues from residents in the area. Thank you for your consideration.

Zion - Courtice, Hwy 2, to Trulls Rd. Turn north on Trulls, as you enter the community of Mitchells Corners, just south of Taunton Rd, you will see a church on your right (used to be a public school). The field is behind the church. Take the first driveway, which will take you back to the field. Do not park in the church parking lot. There are spots available for soccer and these are clearly indicated